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The Phoenix War

Here is a sneak peak at The Phoenix War cover. The ebook will be available for download in August/September. Artwork by Sam Keiser.

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About the Author:

I’m a 27 year old law student with a B.S. in Economics from the University of Utah. I grew up on Star Wars and Star Trek and all of that fun stuff. I’ve been writing stories since I was able to hold a pencil and have always loved escaping into books. In the real world I enjoy the beautiful outdoors (camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, all of that) and have recently gotten into skiing. I also love a good game of chess every now and then. I cite Orson Scott Card and J.K. Rowling as my primary influences, however there are others (Roddenberry, etc.) who’ve clearly influenced me and the list of those deserving credit is, I’m sure, far longer than I could possibly guess.


  1. Luke  June 17, 2013

    Hi Richard,

    I have just finished The Phoenix Crisis and was excited the story did not end and I have the joy of more books from this Universe to read.

    Excellent work and I look forward to reading The Phoenix War.

    Warm Regards

    Luke, Leeds, UK

  2. scott  June 21, 2013

    Hi richard

    I’ve just finished the phoenix crisis to be honest I absolutely loved this book and the previous phoenix books you are my favourite author and I can’t wait for your next book in August. I’ve just started reading silverwind and I know I’ll enjoy this to. Keep up the good work my friend.


  3. peter Gordois  June 26, 2013

    Fantastic series. I could not put it down. Can’t wait for the phoenix war . Looking forward to reading it. the last three books were my best read for a long time. Great work please keep it up.

  4. Col Day  June 27, 2013

    Hi Richard.
    I’m probably one of your older readers being 40, although my Dad (75) introduced me to you as an author. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this piece of work and am looking forward to the Phoenix War, however, I would like to ask that you put an extra phase of proof reading in place for the next title as I find it extremely distracting to find spelling/grammar mistakes in a story I’m reading. I have no doubt that Microsoft Office ( other office based products are available) is responsible, but if I can spot them, I’m sure a professional proof reader would also.

    Keep up the good work, it’s rare to find such a good storyteller in someone of your age.


    • Richard  June 27, 2013

      Yeah I think you are specifically talking about The Phoenix Crisis which, upon release, was thoroughly plagued with typographical issues, including formatting problems, omitted characters, etc., much to my chagrin. I have since edited it and re-released it, and am already aware of at least two mistakes that survived even that editing process. I’m using a different, more thorough editing strategy with Phoenix War, but even so I cannot promise that mistakes won’t slip past me and my beta readers. Sometimes there are grammar “mistakes” that are deliberate (such as a technically incomplete sentence) but many of the mistakes (indeed most) were not intended. I’m happy to say that the vast majority have been recently corrected, but I’m also aware that some persist.

  5. Colton  June 29, 2013

    Amazing series so far I’ve plowed through the first 3 books in just over a week. The series sucks you in right a way and keeps you guessing from page to page. Great work Mister Sanders.

  6. mitchell  June 30, 2013

    Great series can’t wait for the next book

  7. Del Goodchild  July 2, 2013

    Hi Richard

    We have conversed before, though this being through facebook, which I’m no longer a subscriber to.

    Well I finished reading Crisis what seemed to be lifetime ago…… and have subsequently read it again since, this series of books is an excellent read, and is sci-fi at it’s best.
    So looking forward to ‘Wars’ and forward.
    In parting, I would like to complement your artist on some fine rendering for the cover of this pending publication.

    Keep the fires of inspiration burning


    Del Goodchild

  8. Col Day  July 3, 2013

    Thanks for your honest reply. Is nice to know that you take the time to read your comments and have taken the time to reply specifically.

    I can always volunteer to be a beta reader for you!



  9. Wink  July 5, 2013

    GRRRR! I started out listening to this book on an 18 hour drive to Las Angeles and read the next two books on my Kindle.

    I am so frustrated that I have to wait until August or September to finally get to read the conclusion…

    Of course, if I did not like the book I would not care.

    Dang I HATE it when this happens. If I had known there was a fourth book I would not have started the “trilogy” until it was available.
    Wink the impatient reader.

    • Richard  July 9, 2013

      In that case you may be upset to learn that the series is actually five books long and the final book won’t be out until December at the earliest. But, for what it’s worth, I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far.

  10. Ethan  July 12, 2013

    Hey there Richard. Great job with the series. I read Conspiracy, Rising, and Crisis in four days and I must say that it is very rare for me to be so interested in a series. Your storytelling rivals the greatest authors of this century. Keep it up.

    • Richard  July 12, 2013

      Thank you Ethan, you are too kind. I wish I had more readers like you.

  11. Bryn  July 12, 2013

    Oh man Im reading these books too fast!!

    Cant wait to get stuck into Phoenix War but I know I’ll fly through it and have the dreaded long wait until the final book comes out. Love them!! Have thoroughly enjoyed every one so far.

    Thank you.

    • Richard  July 12, 2013

      I’m very hopeful that the Phoenix War and the final book will both be out before the end of 2013. Wish me luck.

  12. Max Dean  July 17, 2013

    Richard please keep writing the series i acant wait untile next book is out. I am also an avid outdoorsman and enjoy scuba diving & golf. I started reading your books a few years ago when i was working offshore. Now i check every month to see what has been released. Hope for August release…..


    • Richard  July 19, 2013

      Thank you, Max, I greatly appreciate both your support and your encouragement.

  13. Jacek  July 24, 2013

    I just wanted to thank you for this great SF. It has been a long while since I came across such a fantastic read. The series was my best friend during every free moment I had.
    Looking forward to The Phoenix War.

    Best regards
    Jacek, Warsaw, Poland

  14. Paul Blake  July 24, 2013

    Absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait for next book. Read all three in 5 days (had some late nights)
    I am re reading them again ready for August!

    Well done and thank you
    Paul (44yrs)

  15. Tony  July 30, 2013

    I have to say that i got the first Phoenix book by mistake i thought i was ordering one of Terry Pratchett’s
    but i got yours and after reading that one i have got the rest and i con not wait for the phoenix war to be released
    i must say i am a cnverted R L Sandes reader great books well worth any one reading

    • Richard  August 6, 2013

      Thanks Tony. Out of curiosity, which Terry Pratchett book was it?

      • Tony  August 9, 2013

        The Long Earth

        I have most of Terry Pratchett books and Wilbur Smith

        I can not wait for your next book when will it be released


  16. Matt3  August 5, 2013

    Great read. Very much in the tradition of SF in the days of the Golden Era. Can’ wait for The Phoenix War. And I thought SF was dead…

  17. Doug M.  August 6, 2013

    The Phoenix series is excellent. I have enjoyed every minute of reading the first three books of this series and eagerly await The Phoenix War. I want to thank you for such an entertaining, well-developed plot and charactors. One of the better SF series I have read in a while. Keep up the good work.

  18. Harry  August 8, 2013

    WOW! Best series of Sci Fi in many years. I read my first book circa 1944-45 (Yes! 1944-45!) Been hooked ever since. How may I be notified when “War” is available as a Kindle offering? I’m going to go now to look for more of your offerings. But, please put me on your list.

    • Richard  August 8, 2013

      Thank you very much! At the moment I don’t have a mailing list (though I am thinking about making one) however once War is out I will certainly post about it here, on twitter (@RichLSanders), and on the facebook page.

  19. J  August 8, 2013

    Thoroughly enjoyed the books so far…not being a usual sci-fi reader I am now hooked!

    Can’t wait for the next 2, keep us posted.

    Thanks for the having great writing skills!

    • Richard  August 9, 2013

      Thank you for your support! It’s because of the readers (like you) that the whole effort is worthwhile.

  20. Orlando  August 12, 2013

    Great work Richard.
    I have read all the Phoenix books in a week, and really enjoyed them.
    Hope to see the 4th book soon, and maybe a film/tv series?

    • Richard  August 14, 2013

      I would love to see it in TV/film format! Not sure how to get to that point but if someday word of mouth spread sufficiently and the public interest was there, I think it could be done. So make sure to tell all your friends about the books and thanks for the comment!

  21. John  August 13, 2013

    I have to admit that I got the Phoenix Conspiracy because it was free. What I didn’t expect that it would drag me into the story as much as it did. I finished it and immediately bought Phoenix Rising and flew through it. Of course by this time I was thoroughly and completely hooked and had to have the next book which I got and have now finished. Now I’m just waiting on Phoenix War like everyone else. All I can say is it can’t get here fast enough! Great job with these Richard! I hope to be reading your work for a long time to come.

    • Richard  August 14, 2013

      Thank you for your comment and your support. I hope to keep you as a reader for a long time to come as well. The Phoenix War is coming along (more slowly than I’d hoped but it is coming). In the meantime you should check out Secrets of Silverwind, I think you’ll like it.

  22. Graham  August 17, 2013

    Well All I can say is, I’ve now read all your books and cannot wait for “The Phoenix War”, I was also got the first one just because it was free but have loved all of them, and I would recommend Secrets of Silverwind as a different type of book but just as gripping!!!

    Please keep writing and release more…

    • Richard  August 17, 2013

      Thank you. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them all. I’m hoping to get Phoenix War ready for release soon. Wish me luck!

  23. Dr.SomeBerlin  August 18, 2013

    Hi Richard, Hi all,

    I am looking forward to your next book on the stunning Phoenix Conspiracy series. To be precise I can’t actually wait for it! But please take your time for the book to fit YOUR expectations! I wouldn’t stand a pre-finished unrelated storyline. As the actual books are thrilling it is a “nailburner” to get the rest of an awesome story!
    Looking forward to read it!

    • Richard  August 21, 2013

      Thank you very much for your kind words and for your support. I’m eager to release Phoenix War but, as you say, I don’t want any of it to be rushed.

  24. Rob  August 19, 2013

    I have to agree
    I also had the first book because it was free
    I read the first two in France on holiday
    Currently reading third but trying to do it slowly awaiting war book
    I am a Tom Clancy reader but you Richard have re awoken me go Scifi I was 10 when Star Wars came out keep up the good work and I wish you all the best in your future projects

    • Richard  August 21, 2013

      Thank you very much. Interestingly enough, it was watching Star Wars as a child over and over (especially “A New Hope”) that got me interested in sci-fi in the first place.

  25. Ian  August 19, 2013

    I never take the time to post on blogs, not really being into this kind of communication. I had to make an exception this time however. I recently decovered your ebook about 7 days ago now, and since I have read all three. Never have I been totally lost in a book, and at points I even found myself yelling (in my mind) at Calvin. Now I find myself at the edge of my seat waiting to see how it all ends.

    Thank you

    • Richard  August 21, 2013

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.

  26. VRTX Raptor  August 25, 2013

    I really can’t wait for the new book, a lot of my other favourite series are releasing new books in the upcoming months as well.

    Looks like I’ll be kept satisfied or a while. :D

    • VRTX Raptor  August 25, 2013

      Also keep up the good work, too bad I stay up too late reading all the time because there’s a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. :D

    • Richard  August 30, 2013

      Thank you for the support! :)

  27. Mauro  August 28, 2013

    We are a huge Sci-Fi family. My son Tony recently turned me onto The Phoenix Conspiracy. I was twelve when Star Trek aired in 1966 so yes I am now near 60. We have been through a lot of Sci-Fi and I must say I love your Phoenix epic story. Very well thought out and written. We are not so easily impressed and we know a good story when we see it. It is all about the story, and you got it! Thank you for the pure pleasure. Keep creating.


    • Richard  August 30, 2013

      Thank you for those very kind words, Mauro, and for taking the time to leave a comment. Families like yours make the whole enterprise of science fiction writing worthwhile (pun slightly intended ;) )

  28. Mr_C  August 28, 2013

    I have been waiting for the Phoenix war in the same way I waited for Banks’ Culture novels or Reynolds’ Revelation Space novels. My only regret is that I will probably devour it in a day. Great series. Ive been checking every morning to see if it is out yet.

    Thank you for a real gem, picked up at random out of a rock pile.

  29. Danny  August 28, 2013

    Hey Richard, Any news as yet of the impending release, I’m trying to keep time available in my busy schedule of reading books for the next installment…… ever keep up the excellent work though

    • Richard  August 30, 2013

      Things are moving along slower than I had anticipated, but progress is still being made. My very recent engagement and the start of school a few days ago are keeping me busy, but I am planning my schedule so that I can still get the rest of Phoenix War finished and edited in a short amount of time (I hope). Thank you for your patience and understanding. :)

  30. Robin  August 30, 2013

    I’ve rediscovered the joy of reading since I bought my Kindle Fire HD. As one who grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek I’ve had a fascination with Science Fiction,and while browsing the Amazon books website for my Kindle I noticed The Phoenix Conspiracy, what a terrific read…superb. I’ve just finished The Phoenix Rising…brilliant, and just bought/downloaded The Phoenix Crisis which I’m sure will be as good as the first two, and looking forward to The Phoenix War. Many thanks for such a brilliant series of books….. my very best for the future.

    Robin, London,UK

    • Richard  August 30, 2013

      Thank you, Robin. You are very kind! I hope the rest of the series is at least as engaging (and ideally even more so).

  31. Adro  August 31, 2013

    Well as I check in having just finished book #3 on September 1, I was wondering if we might have a concrete date for the release of book 4? I simply cannot wait patiently any longer

    • Richard  September 7, 2013

      It’s still too early to pick an exact date, and I am adamant that this book will be in a more polished state upon release than the previous book was. That said, if it’s not available for you to read before the end of next month, I shall be very disappointed.

  32. samira q  August 31, 2013

    Hi richard, I came across your first book quite randomly searching for a good read last summer and was completely blown away with how real you made everything become through ur words. Read first two and then got busy with life and remembered ur series when looking for something to read!

    Amazing!! Thats all I can and looking forward to the next book! Oh and congrats on ur recent engagement!


    Ps. This so has to become a movie!

    London UK

    • Richard  September 7, 2013

      I would love to see it on the big screen one day! I’m glad you found the books and enjoyed them. If you haven’t read the third book Phoenix Crisis, it’s available now for download. And the fourth book should be out soon. Thanks for your support!

  33. Luigi  September 6, 2013

    I really really enjoyed Pheonix Conspirasy and I am looking forward following this adventure to whatever end you may or may not have in mind yet. I also enjoyed how you developed your characters, who are not perfect and are complex. It can’t be done for all of course since your story is on a very large canvas. I especially enjoyed the conflict between leadership and management/trust and control/insight and process.
    Well done and thank you.

    • Richard  September 7, 2013

      Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate your support. And your encouraging words. I’m happy to say that the ending has always been in sight, so the plot is definitely building to something. The seeds of the ending have been planted all along the way, including in the very first book, so I think you’ll be quite happy with the rest of the story. Thanks again!

  34. Keith Collyer  September 20, 2013

    When I got to the end of Crisis and found that it continues into more books, I have to admit my first reaction was “uh-oh, another never-ending series, time to bail out”, so really pleased to see that you do have an end point. I need to see this through to a conclusion. It’s much better to be like Dan Worth’s Progenitor series (thoroughly recommended, by the way), where there is a clear end, but leaves people wanting more, with lots of scope in the same universe, rather than just plough on like the never-ending Dune series.
    I have my own theories about what happened in the bunker, but I won’t speculate here, just wait for the next two books and find out – maybe ;).

    • Richard  September 20, 2013

      Yeah I don’t like the “TV Serial” effect of stories where the writer(s) don’t know how long (or short) the story will be so they just kind of ramble on inventing as they go, and dumping lots and lots of filler onto the audience. For me it can be difficult to estimate exactly how many words it will take me to write any given scene, or plot event. Sometimes I’m spot on, other time I under-estimate, etc. And that is primarily why it can be hard for me to figure out just how many books (while trying to keep them of reasonably consistent length) it is in total. However the plot is all threaded together with the ending already planned out in detail. Thanks for reading!

  35. Leon Lighthart  September 22, 2013

    I have enjoyed the first four books in the series and look forward to the next book

    • Richard  September 27, 2013

      So far there have only been three released books in the series. I’m glad you enjoyed them, though.

  36. Cat  September 24, 2013

    So annoyed! I have been impatiently waiting for the Phoenix War (Book 4) as I thoroughly enjoyed the first three, however, as I was travelling on a train with wifi access, I looked up Amazon and typed in Richard Sanders Phoenix conspiracy series and it listed all your books plus Phoenix War – without thinking I quickly clicked it and later found to my chagrine, that it wasn’t your long awaited and eagerly anticipated book four I purchased, but one by F M Amhor with the same name – I have never been so dissappointed! What date is book four being released? Grrrr

    • Richard  September 27, 2013

      Yeah I have heard similar stories where this has happened to people. I don’t know if it’s because Amazon’s software is bad, or if it’s because Amazon is sneaky and doesn’t mind tricking people in order to get more sales and make more money. But this had unfortunately been happening to quite a few people. But at least there is some good news, the real Phoenix War will be out on Kindle in a little over a month (if things keep going as planned).

  37. Ed Slatten  September 28, 2013

    Richerd, Here it is LATE September, when is “The Phoenix War”" gonna be out, we ,my wife and I, have read your other books,,,But we can’t wait ro see what id gonna happen to Cross…I hope it comes out soon…I am going crazy reading other books and waiting.

    • Richard  September 29, 2013

      Hello. I’m happy to say that you can pre-order it on iTunes now :) and it should be out on Kindle by around Halloween. There needs to be some wiggle room because it depend son how long it takes Amazon to upload the book, but they’re usually pretty fast so I don’t anticipate any further delay. Thank you for your patience and your support.

  38. Max  October 11, 2013

    Ah Richard, I have waited eagerly for soooooo long lol when crises came out, the day it came out on kindle is the day I fully read it, honestly I love the way the book sucks you in & how with your clear descriptions, you can literally see the images of those descriptions in your mind. Very eager to the Phoenix War book, hopefully it does come out around halloween time :) Thank you very much, I honestly don’t get tired from re-reading your books.

    • Richard  October 13, 2013

      Thank you Max, I really appreciate your support and your enthusiasm. I’m working really hard to make sure it’s ready by Halloween so hopefully it is.

  39. Lee  November 3, 2013

    Well done, Richard – thoroughly enjoying your Phoenix series, and am eagerly awaiting the other 2 books!! I was
    almost fooled into purchasing the existing Phoenix War by another author (I’m sure it is good, but it’s not yours!!), but quickly realised my mistake. Roll on the release of your books!!!!

  40. Pawel  November 5, 2013

    Hi Richard,

    Firstly, I’m tipping my hat to you good sir for pursuing your passion. I can see from the conspiracy series, that you’ve got a story to tell and do so in your own unique style. Yes, one can argue that sometimes you perhaps jump over certain events too much or occasionally your writing is a bit on the rough side. But here’s where the beauty lies at the same time, as I have had many sleepless nights when I just couldn’t put the series down and HAD to know what happens next. So, I am joining many other eagerly awaiting fans for the countdown to the release of the last two books. BTW: any news when the War is due to be released?

    All the best,

    • Richard  November 13, 2013

      Thank you very much for supporting me and encouraging me. I’m happy to say that Phoenix War is currently released on Kindle and will be available on iTunes and other devices on the 18th of this month.

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